Our garden. Berlin. December 2020.

The garden keeps me quite busy, but gives me a lot of pleasure.

Our Garden. Berlin. November 2020.

Lost things are coming home. Missed old film from 2017.

Iberian peninsula. 2017.

In these difficult times don’t let them divide us! Solidarity!

Berlin. November 2020.

Portugal, the south.October 2020.

Summer holidays. Mar i Montanya.

Catalunya and Andorra. August 2020.

Dr. Nico Grunze is one of the top experts of large housing estate in the former GDR.

Nico Grunze. Berlin. July 2020.

I met the spokesperson for rent, construction and housing policy of the Die Linke parliamentary group in the Bundestag.

Caren Lay. Berlin. June 2020.

Modern Times. Pandemic life.

Berlin. Between march and may.

Friends will be friends.

Robert in his flat. Berlin. March 2020